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The mainstreaming of tokenised assets is fast approaching, with firms around the world increasingly optimistic on implementation timelines and their internal adoption capabilities. Conducted in partnership with Global Custodian, this survey reveals that firms across the world are picking up the pace on delivering commercially viable tokenised offerings.

Some 150 institutional responders took part in the survey from across all asset bands with representation across equities, fixed income, alternatives and private assets.

  • Majority of asset managers expect to offer tokenised funds as part of their product range in less than 12 months
  • More firms based in the US (39%) and Asia (38%) indicate they are currently in the process of implementing tokenisation projects than those based in the UK & Europe (27%)
  • Cost savings and access to new asset classes were cited as the top two benefits of tokenisation
  • New mutual fund launches set to decrease over the medium to long-term as tokenised fund launches see significant increases
  • Survey participants agree that the two most significant hurdles to digital asset adoption by institutional investors are the lack of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and regulatory uncertainty