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money market funds in uncertain times

Investors demand digitalisation and resilience 

Amidst today’s uncertain, low interest rate environment, money market fund (MMF) investors are struggling to achieve target returns. They are asking fund providers to help them reduce investment-related costs that drag down overall returns.​​​​​

We commissioned an independent survey of 150 treasury and investment professionals, across the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore, investing into money market funds. We discovered 93% wanted easy-to-deploy technology solutions that will quickly reduce cost and complexity throughout the MMF investment cycle. Only then would they have full confidence to incorporate MMFs into their capital and liquidity management strategies, and allow MMFs to continue to offer a balance of security, liquidity and returns.

This report offers industry participants — investors, liquidity providers, technology and market infrastructure entities — practical insights into how we can work together to create a more effective, efficient and resilient market for all.