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Calastone: tracking global fund flows

As the largest global funds network, we have a powerful lens through which to observe investor behaviour as they chase the bull market or flee from the bear, as they build their savings over the long term, and as they deploy their capital in funds that suit their investment priorities or risk tolerance.

2020 has been an extraordinary year by any standards. Our largest market is the UK but we now operate in 43 countries and territories around the world, with particular strength in Asia-Pacific and Europe. Naturally you would expect global events to drive a similar response from investors almost wherever they are. This has been so in 2020, but we have also noticed some interesting differences, especially in how Asian investors have faced the crisis in comparison with their Anglo-Saxon and European counterparts.

In this research report, we share some of what we have seen flow across our global network since January 2019 and give unique insight into the ever evolving worldwide mutual funds market.