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2018 sees fund inflows fall by a third, with December the worst month since October 2016

Fund Flow Index - January 2019

In December, high volatility in global markets kept investors away and Q4 2018 was the weakest quarter since 2016, with 2018 inflows falling by a third year-on-year.

Some of the key highlights from this month's FFI:

  • The FFI fell to 50.1 in December, the lowest since October 2016
  • Q4 2018 was the weakest quarter since 2016, and 2018 inflows fell by a third year-on-year
  • Inflows for December 2018 saw a decline of 99% compared with December 2016 and 2017, when markets were more stable
  • In December, all major asset classes except mixed asset saw fund outflows; property was especially weak
  • Equity inflows were balanced by outflows, but there were big differences between equity fund categories
  • December trading volumes were relatively low, even after accounting for seasonality