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Brexit drives £62bn offshore as UK investors flee to Dublin and Luxembourg

Fund Flow Index - April 2019 Special Report

Since the referendum, UK investors have moved a net £62bn of their fund investments outside the UK. In March 2019 alone, as the UK Parliament teetered on the brink of a no-deal Brexit, they placed a net £2.7bn in EU-based funds, almost three times the amount that flowed into UK regulated funds.

Key highlights from the report:

  • £62bn of capital has flowed into offshore funds since Brexit; £2.7bn in the last month alone

  • Before the referendum, only £2.5bn flowed offshore in eighteen months

  • Dublin-based funds have enjoyed £42bn of net inflows, Luxembourg has enjoyed £20bn

  • Flows have been into all asset classes, reinforcing the suggestion that jurisdiction, not choice of asset, has driven the offshore trend