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Calastone Fund Flow Index - 2019: A year in review

Download the funds industry's most accurate and up-to-date measure of fund flows

The Calastone Fund Flow Index (FFI) is a monthly report that measures investor sentiment for UK investors. It shows the net inflow and outflow of capital to and from open-ended investment funds relative to the total value of units bought and sold in those funds.

The Calastone FFI is the industry’s most timely and up-to-date measure of fund flows. It is also the most accurate, since it is calculated from actual transactions, rather than the more subjective and sampled survey data which underpins other sources.

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Some of the key highlights from this edition of the FFI:

  • Equity funds headed for their first full-year of outflows until a last-minute, dramatic turnaround in December, driven by trade outlook and UK election result
  • Overall equity fund inflows in 2019 were the weakest in three years at just 19p for every £100 under management
  • Active equity funds suffered their worst year on record but passive funds enjoyed their best year yet.
  • Fixed income funds enjoyed a third consecutive year of strong inflows
  • Mixed asset funds outperformed all the major asset types, with inflows 8x larger than equities and 2x larger than fixed income
  • Property funds suffered record outflows, along with previously fashionable absolute return and alternatives funds