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The Impact of Technology and Regulation on Funds (Australia Edition)

Calastone, in association with Funds Global Asia, explores the impact of technology and regulation on funds industry. 

Highlights of the research:

  • 97% of respondents in Australia support regulatory action to improve transparency in the funds industry
  • 94% say it is important for Australian investors to diversify their exposure to managed funds that invest abroad
  • 44% say Ucits will become an important part of the product mix in Australia - a 14-point rise compared with last year
  • From the global survey, 93% of respondents say the amount of effort required to comply with regulations in the funds industry has increased
  • 74% say a side-effect of regulatory compliance is underinvestment in other parts of the business
  • 84% say legacy technology is a problem for the funds industry, especially in the back office
  • Out of a list of emerging technologies, blockchain is expected to have the biggest impact